Choosing Garage Doors for Your Home

Choosing Garage Doors for Your Home

The time has come for you to find a new set of garage doors for your property. You may have had the same old doors for decades, and not even be certain where they came from originally.

This can make it much harder to find new types of doors, from sliding doors to roller doors in Illawara.

To make sure that you can get the very best type for your home, Illawara Garage Doors can offer you some important information.

One-piece garage doors

A standard door for many decades in Australia, the one-piece garage door is very easy to install and use.

It involves lifting it up from the bottom by yourself, raising it above your head in a single motion. It is also possible to use it as a remote-controlled door if you feel you need to have that addition.

Roller doors

These are another version of the one-piece garage door, but rather than being a single piece which is lifted over the head, these doors rolled up into a space above the frame.

They are perfect if you don’t have much headroom, but want a fast acting remote-controlled door. It is one of the most adaptable, being suited for a variety of different garage sizes, and offers strength and security when used with specific locking mechanisms. Illawara Garage Doors recommend this door variety.

Sectional doors

This is perhaps the most complex of all the mechanisms available. These are panel sections which slide upwards, but can also curve into the top of the garage space using a series of rails.

They are ideal for automation, and provide an alternative to the one-piece garage door was still providing good levels of security and insulation.

Hinged doors

These look very much like traditional garden gate doors, swinging open in half lengths of the frame. They are very popular with people who own older homes, as they fit in with that style.

If you want to use the garage for other reasons than keeping a car, for example for hobbies, then these are the ideal varieties of garage space doors for you.

Getting help with your garage doors

Whether you are looking for sectional or roller doors in Illawara, you will need the help of garage door specialists like Illawara Garage Doors.

We can offer you advice about the best door for your property, so send us an online enquiry today or call 02-4257-3555 now.

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